March 7, 2024

Blunt Tip Micro Cannula: A Revolution in Aesthetic Medicine

The world of aesthetic medicine has been revolutionized by the introduction of the Blunt Tip Micro Cannula. This innovative tool has transformed the way dermal fillers and other injectables are administered, enhancing the safety, precision, and comfort of these procedures.

What is a Blunt Tip Micro Cannula?

A Blunt Tip Micro Cannula is a small tube with a rounded, unsharp end, specifically designed for atraumatic intradermal injections of fluids1. Unlike traditional needles, it has ports on the side, allowing the product to be dispensed more evenly.


Key Features and Benefits:
The round tip of the micro cannula minimizes the risk of embolization and vascular complications23. Being atraumatic, it prevents superficial blood effusion23, making it a safer choice for both physicians and patients.

The micro cannula features a clear orifice indicator for more control23. The red dot on the base indicates the position of the product outlet, enabling the dispensing of the product with the greatest precision23.

The micro cannula is designed with siliconized stainless steel tubes for greater comfort23. A surface treatment is carried out on the tubes to ensure a gliding action adapted to the skin tissue, reducing patient discomfort and improving the handling of the micro cannula23.

Resistance and Accuracy
The base of the micro cannula is specially designed for a reinforced connection with the micro cannula, facilitating the daily gesture of the aesthetic doctor23. The centimeter graduations are a unique way of accurately identifying the location of the tip of the micro cannula for more precise injection23.

The Blunt Tip Micro Cannula is a game-changer in the field of aesthetic medicine. Its design ensures a smooth gliding inside the tissue and an appropriate rigidity of the micro cannula to inject in the deep plane without any flexion23. With its focus on safety, precision, comfort, and accuracy, it is set to elevate the injection experience for both physicians and patients.

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